Admittedly You've been Smartest By Now



Dear Mr. President Vladimir Putin,

In your reign of nearly a quarter century, you have always outdone your rivals in the superpower league. One of my friends, a geopolitician, is a long time fan of your strategic judgements and its background political and historic insights; his suggestions have led me to read main news about Russia, too.

The most eye-catching news about you was the events around your 63rd birthday. Russian battleships launched countless missiles to bases of Islamic State, a very resolute action to them that had not seen from the western leaders of your league. When the russian news aired that scene you were joining an ice-hockey match as a player.

My geopolitician friend says you have an advisory group of 7 Zhuge Liangs, a legendary Chinese stragegist in 3rd century. He says you calibrates all the variables with the least errors and then behaves. By now, I have not found any single case to disprove him. He now expects, this time, you would once again attract another success by only doing things that you can maximize the effect and minimize the counter actions.

Can you keep going outsmart all, as you have done by now?

Since you started a war on Ukraine this month and even attacked Kiev and other major Ukrainian cities, many of long-time pro-Russia or pro-Putin people look a bit embarrassed.

Russia has a largest land that is not still used in today’s civilization; considering developments of human technology that is often led by your country, such lands would also be included in civilized area in any future. That means, Russia has a great potential to compete the No.1 country not only in military or technology.

A great number of good lessons leading to the successful No.1 country can be found in the history of your neighbor country China. Each time China completed a successful military campaign, they started to go downside of their national fortune while their painful eras of being invaded, defeated, and occupied by barbarians later resulted in combining even the barbarians’ homelands into Chinese territory. When their continent was divided into kingdoms, the final unifier, Qin in the 3rd centry BC, first expanded his supporting groups in all rival kingdoms. Let my supporters be comfortable; a good lesson to be the world leader.

In any case, we do not want to see you fight Ukrainians’ selection of their own sovereignty. Or it could cause enormous resistance and unrecoverable casualties. And finally it would encode unremovable a sort-of national emotion into history. Do not let anybody who is against you later be honored as much as Spanish republicans in 1930s.

As Mr. Anatoly Antonov, Russian Ambassodor to United States, said in recent interview, Russians sacrificed 27 million lives to stand in the God’s side in the 2nd World War. Make world people trust that such a historic value is still alive in the end.


A random essayist who started reading from Brezhnev’s days


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